Plumbing Inspection Services in South Kansas City

If you’re in the process of purchasing or selling a home and you’re in need of a plumbing inspection, Kansas City residents have been trusting Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Service experts for years. Our plumbing inspection technicians will inspect your home and not only determine if there are any repairs that need to be done, but also give you an accurate estimate for the repairs. Our technicians are also very familiar and experienced in writing up their findings on an invoice that will allow you to present their recommendations and estimates to any other parties involved.

In this process, our technicians will check all of the fixtures and make sure there are no leaks, check all of the drain lines, and all of the water lines. The inspection is strictly non-invasive and is based on a visual inspection. If you have an inspection checklist report that you’d like to provide that includes all areas that you’d like inspected, we’re happy to adhere to your request. Additionally offering a sewer camera inspection that will show the inside condition of the main sewer line.

Our other areas of expertise we inspect include:

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