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Basement and overall house flooding can be among the most destructive and expensive experiences for many homeowners. There are many different reasons a home can flood, but the costs and hassle in cleanup is something all homeowners want to avoid. Sump pumps safely and reliably pump excess water in your basement out of the area. At Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Services, we have extensive experience with sump pump service and replacement. If you need a sump pump installed on your property or your existing sump pump isn’t doing the job, contact us today; a member of our team will be more than happy to provide you with details on our service. For over 30 years, Kevin Ginnings has been South Kansas City’s resource for home flood prevention with sump pumps.

What Are Sump Pumps?

Used as a basin for water collection, sump pumps are a means of preventing excessive water damage within a home. Also known as a waterproofing system, a sump pump can be an important part of collecting unwanted water that may seep in due to natural groundwater and rain under the house. The sump pump is electrically powered to relocate excess basement water, preventing costly and time-consuming damage.

Hire the professionals at Kevin Ginnings to properly install and service your sump pump! We can help with submersible or pedestal pumps, each of which requires the different installation and servicing processes. A member of our team will visit your property to assess the situation and provide an overall assessment, recommending a pedestal or submersible model, as appropriate. Our trusted team has the tools and knowledge to ensure your sump pump does its job—every time.

Keeping Your Basement Free from Water Damage in South Kansas City

While homeowners may want to save a few dollars by fixing their own sump pumps, a more reliable solution is to seek the help of a trained plumbing professional. Incorrect repair or replacement can cause severe damage in your home that will cost a lot more to fix than it would to retain a professional plumber. In our over three decades of quality service in the community, we’ve seen it all with sump pumps. We stand by our sump pump installation and repair, offering both high-quality products and dedicated customer service. We’ve become a trusted name in South Kansas City because of our detail-oriented work and affordable rates. We know you have options for sump pump services, which is why our reliable service and loyal customers speak for themselves. Don’t let your basement flood; get the protection you need from a high-quality sump pump installed and serviced by the experts at Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Services.

Hire a professional!

While many homeowners may want to save a few dollars by fixing their own sump pumps, it is highly encouraged that you seek out the help of a trained plumbing professional. If the pump is repaired or replaced incorrectly it can result in severe damage for your home that will cost a lot more to repair than it would have if you simply call us first. At Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Services, we stand by our services, offering both high-quality products and services.

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