Water Pressure Regulator Services in South Kansas City

Regulate Your Water Pressure and Save More

Every home needs water. Almost all of your appliances run on it. You keep clean and stay warm with it. But if your water pressure is too high, it can cause pipes to burst, a dangerous lack of water, and eventual appliance breakdown. Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Services, Inc. in South Kansas City, can be there for you with professional water pressure regulator installations and service to give you a steady even flow. For more than 30 years, residential and commercial customers have turned to us for premier products and superior assistance to save them more. Today, we conduct multi-point inspections on all water systems, offer the highest-quality water pressure regulators on the market, and use our expertise to provide professional water pressure solutions for all types of issues. We can help you too. Call us today for your personalized installation or service estimate.

What Is A Water Pressure Regulator?

A water pressure regulator is the most important and often overlooked part of your house water and sprinkler systems. Water pressure regulators control both the water pressure and the flow rate of the incoming water supply into your home. Regulators reduce high-pressure water supply lines to safe, usable levels to prevent damage and corrosion. If you experience persistent issues despite having a functioning regulator, it might be necessary to consult a professional pipe cleaning service like Rohrreinigung Berlin. A properly installed pressure regulator can eliminate many common plumbing problems, saving you both time and money.

What Are Major Problems Caused by High Water Pressure?

A damaged or worn-out pressure regulator can result in dangerously high water pressure in your home. Many common issues can be easily prevented or solved by installing or replacing a water pressure regulator. These include:

  • Broken or Burst Pipes That Can Lead to Flooding
  • Continuous Sound of Running Water
  • Running Toilets
  • Damage to Your Appliances
  • Banging Pipe Sounds
  • Leaking Sprinkler Valves
  • High Water Bills
  • And more

Water Pressure Regulator Installation & Repair Services

When you need professional installations or services to repair your water pressure issues, choosing the right company for the job can be as important as fixing the problem. You need a company that can identify the telltale signs of water pressure problems, guide you in making the right decision for your home and budget, and deliver complete, trusted services from an experienced team. If you are a South Kansas City, MO resident, your choice is clear: Kevin Ginnings Plumbing Services, Inc. Our company offers a comprehensive array of professional water pressure regulator services, including:

  • Installations: Loud noises, clanking pipes, and leaking lawn spigots could be signs of high water pressure. Regulators work to balance this pressure and give you the even flow of water you want for your home. However, installing a pressure regulator is a job for plumbing professionals. Often it requires adjustment to the main water line, reworking shut-off valves, and more. Our company carefully handles all the details for new pressure regulator installations for you, no matter your setup, to give you the results you want.
  • Repairs: Repairing your water pressure regulator is simpler than a new installation but must also be completed correctly by trained professionals. Our technicians conduct a multi-point inspection of your system then provide only the guidance and repairs you need, never anything extra for our benefit. We’re in business to give you impeccable service and lasting repairs to solve your water pressure issues.
  • Replacement: Replacing an existing regulator can be the best way to ensure peace of mind. By removing one or two unions, pulling the regulator out of position, and installing a new one the opposite way, we can provide you with a functional water pressure regulator that stands the test of time.

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Uneven water pressure can be a costly nuisance in your home. With a professionally installed or repaired regulator, you can put an end to your water pressure issues and gain a trustworthy plumbing company you can count on for life. Call us today for your installation or service estimate, and let us be there for you when it matters most.

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