Effective Pipe Bursting Services in South Kansas City, MO

Pipe Bursting Services in Kansas City

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Plumber fixing pipe busting in South Kansas City

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is an incredibly effective method when property owners want to run a new sewer line. It is less labor intensive as it doesn’t require as much digging or a lot of machinery. In this process, we burst the clay pipe as we lay the new pipe. The process is simple and efficient. Our team has a reliable pipe-bursting method that follows these steps:

  1. Put the machine in a place where it will be accessible. This machine feeds a pneumatic pump at the end of a rod puller through the old pipe. This machine will help us to pull the new pipe through the old pipe.
  2. Then, we’ll attach the arrow-shaped pneumatic head to the rod puller. This pneumatic head will expand as it’s in the old pipe, effectively bursting the old clay pipe and pushing the pieces outward.
  3. As the pneumatic head is bursting the pipe, the hook behind the head is pulling the brand-new pipe. This new pipe is automatically filling the space where the old pipe was.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

There are many benefits of pipe bursting over traditional methods, including:

  • Less property damage: Traditional methods involve intensive labor as we must dig down to the pipe to get access to the damaged parts, leaving your landscape disturbed. Often, the damage of traditional methods is both expensive and expansive. With the pipe bursting method, there is little to no damage left as this method simply requires a small access hole to be dug.
  • Durability: When people hear that pipe bursting involves laying a new sewer line completely, they are often concerned that a new pipe won’t be as durable as their old pipe. Actually, the opposite is true. Our pipes that we’re able to install have a life expectancy of beyond 50 years. When you choose to repair your pipe with pipe bursting service, you most likely won’t have to deal with sewer line issues again for a long time.
  • Cost-effective: Traditional methods lead to many other expenses, mainly the expense of repairing your landscaping. Additionally, it reduces maintenance costs in the future as repairs are reduced.

Equipment for Pipe Bursting

When our team prepares to provide pipe-bursting services, we have five essential pieces of equipment that we bring to each job:

  • An expander heads
  • A pulling machine
  • A retaining device
  • Pulling rods
  • A hydraulic power packs

We use expander heads that have a small leading end so that they can easily fit into many sewers line sizes. This piece guides the head and ensures that the machine stays on course. The trailing end of the expander is much larger, and this is the part that causes the sewer pipe to burst. Older models of expander heads didn’t have a guiding end, which resulted in failed projects and incomplete pipe bursts as the machine would veer off course.

Oftentimes, our expander heads have fins in-between the leading end and the bursting end of the head. These fins make first contact with the existing pipe and are a very effective way to ensure that the entire circumference of the pipe bursts. Our machines and equipment are all powered by powerful air compressors. We are constantly looking for the newest technology to ensure a seamless and effective process.

Convenient Pipe Bursting Services

When you hire our pipe-bursting service, we will provide the following techniques for your convenience:

  1. We will investigate your home’s pipe history including construction and repair.
  2. Our plumbers will diagnose any issues or problems in your sewer line using a camera pipe.
  3. Then we will locate the problem and create either a bypass or access pits if needed.
  4. Disconnect the area’s utilities.
  5. Remove any obstructions.
  6. We begin the bursting process around the rate of 90m p/hr.
  7. We then test the new pipe to ensure that the pipe bursting process went according to plan.
  8. Next, we will link your new pipe to the existing plumbing system.
  9. Lastly, we reestablish your service to the area and remove any bypasses.

Safe Operation

Traditional repair methods require digging and heavy machinery that could damage nearby utilities. With pipe bursting, even if a utility is a few inches away, it is protected from damage. The soil around the pipe helps to soften the vibrations created by the pneumatic heads and the heads push the old pipe far enough away that there is no risk of the old pipe damaging the new pipe. Additionally, this process can be done any time of year because most sewer lines are far below the frost line.

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