Spike in Your Monthly Water Bill

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If you’ve seen an upsurge in your recent monthly water bill, the most likely culprit is a leak in your main water line. Without expert service and repair, you will literally throw money down the drain—not to mention the bigger problems the leak will create as it just grows into flooding of your home or business or a dreaded pipe burst.

Trench-less Technology – Pipe Bursting

In many cases, we can provide you with breakthrough trench-less technology to replace your waterline. Trench-less water line replacement;

  • is much more economical
  • involves less mess and expense of tearing up your driveway or yard
  • takes much less time to accomplish
  • offers much less of an environmental footprint

Equipped to solve your waterline problems, 24/7 in the Kansas City area. Our skilled phone and service technicians can quickly hunt down the source of your problem and detail for you the proper solution. We are expert at solving a variety of waterline problems, such as:

  • Waterline repairs
  • Replacement of damaged pipes
  • Redirection of the flow of your current piping system
  • and more

Waterline bursts and broken pipes won’t search out a perfect time in your schedule. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to be at your side to help when water floods your home or business. Our expert technical representatives can, over the phone, walk you through the troubleshooting and shutting off your water main to stem the flow of water into your structure. Next, we send out our technicians to your home to diagnose and cure the problem. Because we’re there for you 24/7, we can remedy your predicament and get you back to a dry, normal life. We take pains to equip our techs’ trucks with all the latest parts, tools, and supplies to maximize our ability to solve your problem in one visit, if possible.